Tourism in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur, the city of Bhrigu Samhita, is the most desired tourist destinations of northern India. Situated in the Shivalik ranges, it comes under the nuance of Great Himalayan ranges. Being furnished with beautiful scenic views and tranquil climate, it is one of the prominent places of attraction for tourists in India. Interestingly, known for astrological significance, Hoshiarpur draws many tourists for the mesmerizing tourist spots located in and around the city. There are many reasons to tour Hoshiarpur, but people prominently come for religious and historical attractions laid down in the city.

Tourism in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is placed on the border of Himachal Pradesh which is entirely settled on hilly terrains and beautiful mountains. Some of the beauty is gifted naturally to Hoshiarpur due to sharing of boundaries with Himachal Pradesh. Hoshiarpur is blessed with many historical and conventional places of attractions. It is also confirmed that this region was part of Indus valley civilization. Legends said that even main characters of epic Mahabharata visited this place during the time of their exile. Latest excavation at Takhni Rehmapur, and Atbarapur suggests that this place used to exist even during Stone Age. Hence, Hoshiarpur is the perfect choice of travelers looking for diversified attractions with insight history.

Places to see in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is blessed with many attractions which have significance of being historical as well as religious importance. Even it is versed with natural tourist spots which draw tourists across the country.

Historical Places of Attraction in Hoshiarpur

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal is among the top attractions which tourists would like to see while coming for Hoshiarpur tourism. It is situated in the city and it was established by Lala Hans Raj Jain.  This beautiful monument was incepted in 1911 showcasing the coronation ceremony with men and women sculptures. The entire building is faced with glass work which mesmerizes the visitors in Hoshiarpur.

Archeological Museum

It was established on November 7, 1971, by the Vice President of India at that time, Shree G S Pathak. Archeological museum displays the fossils of rare animals along with sculptures and antiques of Pleistocene period. People interested in watching antique items and have curiosity about the ancient history of this region should visit this place while coming for Hoshiarpur tourism.

Historical Attractions of Hoshiarpur
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Bajwara Fort

Bajwara Fort is situated at the distance of 3 km from Hoshiarpur. It is placed on the Una Nangal Road in the south east direction of the city. Its name derived from the renowned singer at the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar, Baju Bawara. This is magnificent piece of architecture displaying the designing and construction skills of that time.

Religious Places of Attraction in Hoshiarpur

Dera of Baba Charan Shah

The Dera of Baba Charan Shah, also called as Udasin Ashram, is the historical religious place situated in the region of Hoshiarpur. It was setup 300 years ago and till now twelve gurus have graced the Dera with their presence. It is situated in the region of Bahadurgarh in Hoshiarpur and being neglected by tourism department. Now also it displays the aura of ancient ages and magnificent beauty of architecture.

Tomb of Shah Nur Jamal

Shah Nur Jamal Tomb is one of the oldest spiritual places for the people of Hoshiarpur. It is situated at the distance of 15 km from main city, established in the year 1334 Hijri. It is a considerably important religious location and people gather in huge numbers, especially during the month of March when 2 days fair is organized here. There are three burials found in the tomb of Shah Nur Jamal. Middle one is of Shah Nur Jamal while side ones are of his parents.

Dera Santgarh

Dera Santgarh is positioned in the Hoshiarpur Phagwara Road and has no relations with Sikh Gurus. It was built by a saint Jawala Singh in the period of 1930-1932. The Dera witness huge flow of devotees during the fair organized on death anniversary of Saint Jawala Singh.

Religious Places of Hoshiarpur

This huge building has 40 rooms in form of accommodation which are available without any cost to the visitors along with free langar in the premises.

Other Religious Places in Hoshiarpur

  • Gurdwara Pulpukhta Sahib
  • Gurdwara Chukhandi Sahib
  • Gurdwara Garna Sahib
  • Gurdwara Jand Sahib, Lehli Kalan
  • Gurdwara Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji
  • Gurdwara Tahli Sahib, Munak Kalan
  • Gurdwara Akalgarh Sahib
  • Gurdwara Harian Vailan Patshahi VII

Natural Attraction in Hoshiarpur

Takhani Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary

Takhani Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the foot hills of Shivalik ranges in the region of Hoshiarpur. It is prominent attraction of Hoshiarpur which is visited by many travelers all through the year. Established in the year 1993, it is one of the splendid places which possess rare species of animals and birds. Most significant feature of this wildlife sanctuary is that it also holds herbal plants and shrubs which have imperative importance in home medicine.

Natural attractions of Hoshiarpur

Citrus County

Citrus County is the contemporary attraction which is situated in the scenic location of Shivalik ranges. It is 75 acre residential farm having lots of conventional activities which hypnotize the tourists looking for tranquil and happening places of attraction.

Chohal Dam

Chohal Dam is situated on the NH 70 in the north eastern direction from the city. It is completed in the year 1993 to control flood and provide ample water for irrigation. It has been significant place of tourism in recent years and people looking for exiting places of tourism, would like to tour at Chohal Dam.

Other Natural Attractions in Hoshiarpur

  • Damsal Dam
  • Dholbaha Dam
  • Janauri Dam
  • Patiari Dam
  • Saleran Dam

Shopping in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is the shopper’s paradise and people could take tour of city to purchase several utilities. Sheesh Mahal Bazaar is the major shopping market in Hoshiarpur. Modern and conventional dresses along with fancy items are easily available in huge variety in this lavishing bazaar. People should purchase cultural pulkaris, wood handicrafts, imitation jewelries, and Punjabi juttis (sandal) from here.

Shopping in Hoshiarpur

Besides, Sarafa Bazaar, Lakkad Bazaar, Dabbi Bazaar, Railway Road Market, and Clock Tower Market are the conventional markets of Hoshiarpur which are also excellent place to visit for shopping.

Hotels in Hoshiarpur

Punjab is the state known for its hospitality and same reflects in the hotel industry of Hoshiarpur. It is well known for warm hospitality and loving nature of locals. Being preferred location of tourism, there are many hotels, luxurious and semi luxurious established in every part of the city. Popular hotels in Hoshiarpur are located near bus stand and railway road. People coming to this city can find all categories of hoteliers who offer budget accommodations as well as luxurious stay. Even resorts are the excellent option to choose for stay in Hoshiarpur.

Hotels in Hoshiarpur

Some of the Major Hotels of Hoshiarpur:
  • Hotel Shiraz Regency
  • Hotel Maharaja Palace
  • Hotel Presidency
  • Hotel Amber
  • Citrus County Farm Stays

Restaurants and Dhabas in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur serves best Punjabi cuisines to the people coming in for tourism. Infrastructure plays a major role in flourishing tourism in Hoshiarpur. In that, restaurants and dhabas are the main component of tourism infrastructure. People arriving in Hoshiarpur find one of the best cuisines of north India along with delicious chats and beverages. From breakfast to dinner, it’s a festival of food for the travelers who can enjoy traditional as well as contemporary food of the city.

Food in Hoshiarpur

In Breakfast, tourists should try specialty of Hoshiarpur i.e. Chole puri, Chole Bhature, Jalebi, samosa, and Kachodi. There are many small and big restaurants serving delicious breakfast from generations. While roaming in the city people should also attempt to taste delicious chats of Hoshiarpur. The mouthwatering dishes of chat include Raj Kachodi, Aloo chap, Dahi Bhalle, Paneer Pakoda, Chole Samosa, and variety of Golgappas.

In heavy dinner, people can taste dal makni, shahi paaneer, kadai paneer, chola masala, tandoor roti, nutri tikka, chikan haryali tikka, veg kurkure, veg chhap, chikan stick, and other such. And last but not the least; visitors should not miss out on Lassi and Chhach the traditional beverage of Hoshiarpur.

Some of the prominent places to eat in Hoshiarpur:
  • Bhai Puria Wale Di Hatti
  • Kotu Fast Food, Railway Road
  • Mashoor Jalebi Wale, Railway Road
  • Ambala Chat House, Bhadurpur Chowk
  • Anant Vaishav Dhaba, Old Sabzi Mandi
  • Bengali Sweet House near Bus Stand
  • Hotel Presidency Silver Leaf Restaurant

How to reach Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is situated on the north east direction of state which is bordered by Himachal Pradesh from east and Kapoorthala, Gurdaspur and Jalandhar on the western side. Hoshiarpur is well connected with Air, Rail and Road transport. People looking to arrive in city have many options to get in the city and it is effortless to reach Hoshiarpur using any one of them.

Hoshiarpur by Air

Hoshiarpur offers quite few options to the air travelers for reaching the city. The nearest airport for arriving in Hoshiarpur is Sahnewal Airport in Ludhiana. It is 78 km from Hoshiarpur and connected to Delhi and Pathankot by daily flights. However reach to other cities of India or foreign cities are not offered by this airport.

Amritsar and Chandigarh is the good option to reach from other major cities of India and abroad. Shri Guru Ramdas Jee International Airport, Amritsar is 100 km away while Chandigarh Airport is 140 km away. Both airports provide national and international flights on regular basis. Hence people could choose according to their convenience to reach the city of Hoshiarpur. Buses and taxis connecting Hoshiarpur to these airport ply regularly in between for convenience.

Hoshiarpur by Train

Train is the good medium to reach Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Hoshiarpur possesses its own railway station which is connected to all parts of rail network through Jalandhar Junction or Dasuya railway station. Jalandhar city and Dasuya is approximately 40 km away from Hoshiarpur and every major train has halt at this station. Few trains have termination point at Hoshiarpur, but Jalandhar city station is good option for people arriving from southern direction. Dasuya give brilliant choice for tourists reaching from Jammu or other city of northern course.

Hoshiarpur by Road

Hoshiarpur is situated in the centralized location of the region. Strategically, its position is vital and many major towns are placed in the vicinity of Hoshiarpur. Buses, taxis, tourist coach, prepaid cabs, rental cars are easily available from the nearby towns and cities such as Ludhiana, Phagwara, Patiala, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ferozpur, Jalandhar, Shimla, Hamirpur, etc. to reach Hoshiarpur.
National Highway 70 passes through the city of Hoshiarpur which is also connected to state highways of Punjab. Tourist coming by private car could arrive directly to the city of Hoshiarpur by taking such fast highways to approach here.

Best Time to Visit Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is a distinct part of Indian sub tropical climate and receives three major seasons in a year, summer, winter, and monsoon.  Summers are hot while winters are shivering. Summers begins from the month of April and lasts till June. In this season, temperature dwells between 30 and 40 Degree Celsius and proves to be somewhat difficult for tourism. But compared to other districts of Punjab it reflects decent climatic conditions. It is quite adequate time to visit Hoshiarpur by taking some precautions for traveling. But still later parts of May and starting of June should be avoided for tourism in Hoshiarpur.

After June, it is the time for monsoon. This season starts from July and continues till September.

When to go Hoshiarpur

Temperature during this season remains in comfortable zone, but humidity could cause little bit of problem to tourists having health issues. Otherwise, this is also a good time to arrive in the city for tourism. The best time to visit Hoshiarpur is between August and February. After monsoon, winter season get start. This period of time could be immaculate for traveling in the city.

In this period, there are many fairs and festivals planned in the city and climatic conditions also remains pleasant for tourism. Except the month of January, it is excellent time for any type of tourism in Hoshiarpur. Temperature remains between 15 and 25 Degree with limited humidity providing magnificent ambiance to explore all attractions and also have taste of delicious cuisines of Punjab.

Things to carry for Hoshiarpur

Before arriving in the city, tourist must have thorough information about the itinerary concept of Hoshiarpur. People must consider the places to be visited, season of visit, and duration of trip to plan accordingly. During summer, people should carry light and comfortable cotton clothes along with lighter accessories such as sun glasses, sun screen, sun shades, comfortable shoes, and digital camera. It is better to take little weight to carry while traveling in the city.

For winters, people must take good amount of woolen clothes. During the time of December and January, tourists should carry heavy woolens in the travel bag because it could be life saving asset for them.  In monsoon, Hoshiarpur receives mild to heavy rainfall sometimes, so it is nice to carry umbrellas or raincoats along side. Besides, people should take identity proofs with them as it is compulsory in Hoshiarpur for availing any services.

Hoshiarpur is situated in the foot hills of Shivalik ranges, hence its some of the attractions are located in hilly terrains as well. Alongside, its attractions are situated at far distance from each other; hence it is good to carry nice pair of shoes and other accessories while going for tourism in Hoshiarpur. Apart from all these essentials, people should take medical emergency kit along with digestive problem pills, first aid kit, pain killers, fever pills, anti biotic and other ailment pills.
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