Services in Hoshiarpur

As the city of saints, Hoshiarpur is an integral part of Punjab. It is one of the developed cities situated in the northern part of India. It is even called as gateway of Himalayas as it is positioned in the foot hills of Himalayan ranges. Hoshiarpur, being the urban city comprises of various services which are developed according to the requirements of developing cities of India.

Hoshiarpur Public Utility Services

With the gain in populace, the city is spreading manifold in recent years. For better life style, every individual needs specialized services which are essential in a city. Hoshiarpur is a well developed city which has various categories of citizens. People living here need various normal or emergency services such as hospitals, transportation, administrative, financial institutions, communication etc.

Administrative Services in Hoshiarpur

Administrative Services in HoshiarpurMunicipal Corporation is the local governing body of Hoshiarpur which looks after the daily necessity of inhabitants. There are various departments established under the Municipal Corporation of Hoshiarpur to run its administration efficiently. These include Water & Sewerage Department, License Department, Building & Road Department, House Tax Department, The Bazaari Department, Street Light Department, Horticulture Department, Health and Sanitation Department, Birth & Death Department, Town Planning Department, Accounts Department, Fire Brigade Department and Municipal Library Department. Each department has been entrusted with particular responsibility to evaluate, implement, and properly manage the Government services for the general public.

Banking and Finance Services in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is the leading economic center in northern India and counted as one of the major cities of Punjab. Being district place of Punjab, it is core center of many villages situated around it. To capitalize on such heavy transaction of economy in the city, there are many nationalized, international, and private Banks established in the city. These financial institutions also play an important part in developing Hoshiarpur into a real big city.

Banking services in Hoshiarpur

There is huge network of ATMs and branches of various commercial banks in the city to facilitate residents in Hoshiarpur. Today, ATM acts as an important part of banking services due to its establishment at every key location that too with 24 hours availability. These machines are connected to core banking services and facilitate instant money withdrawal from your account. Because of such variety of services and wide range of facilities, Banks in Hoshiarpur are becoming main component of business and economy.

Postal and Courier Services in Hoshiarpur

From centuries, postal department is one of the prominent players in courier services in India. As such, Hoshiarpur also has its well managed system. Postal department in Hoshiarpur provides prompt services to the residents of this district. Postal services are not only provided on city level, but it is penetrated to the small villages as well in Hoshiarpur. Due to such approachability apart from its general mailing services, postal department has also initiated insurance, savings, and investment services.

Hoshiarpur courier services

Hoshiarpur also has many leading private companies providing courier services to the residents and industries established here. These private courier companies, in short span of time have become the prominent choice to send any document or goods to other cities. They offer services on domestic level as well as international destinations. In that Gati, First Flight, Blue Dart, DTDC are the key players of courier services in Hoshiarpur.

Packers and Movers in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur courier servicesHoshiarpur is one of the key districts of Punjab, due to which it witness huge migrants to and from the city. To facilitate easy and effortless transmission of households there are packers and movers services in Hoshiarpur.

These Packers and movers in Hoshiarpur are catering all types of services to transfer household items which include packing with seven layer insulator material, safe movement while transferring, and secured delivery at destination.

They help in shifting home within the city and even outside the city. They give special care to fragile and electronics items to protect them from any damage.

Telecommunication Services in Hoshiarpur

From ages, BSNL has been the prominent source for verbal communication services. But with the start of new century, there has been tremendous change in communication infrastructure in Hoshiarpur. With the entry of private players, communication services have taken new turn and this proves to be one of the best services in the city. Rapid growth in communication services has made life much easier and simple than before. Wireless connection for communication has changed the entire scenario of its infrastructure. People find them more safe and mobile with wireless communication device in their hand.

Connectivity revolution has increased luxury of living and using technology has become simpler. It is story of past that people had to stand in queue to communicate on phone residing in other states or have to book trunk call for communication. Internet was the thing of far end during that era. These days are over now as communication facilities are on finger tips. Internet, sms, verbal communication is easily accessible with mobile phones and additionally advance smart phones come with even more effective services.

Police Services in Hoshiarpur

Police services in HoshiarpurPolice services play important part in getting some of the important Government works or credentials. Police stations are found in every important location of Hoshiarpur to easily locate them. Residents of the city effortlessly avail services of Police department for below mentioned services:
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Passport verification
  • Arms License
  • Public complaints
  • Migrant Verification

Health Care Services in Hoshiarpur

Being one of the major cities of Punjab, Hoshiarpur is the leading health care service provider in this region. There are many specialty and multi-specialty medical institutions are established in the city to serve residents of Hoshiarpur. These health institutions are incepted in every key location offering remarkable facilities along with high end treatment for the patients suffering from any ailment.
Narad Hospital & Trauma Center, Shivam Hospital, KDM Multi Specialty Hospital, Bal Krishna Hospital, Kanwar Hospital and etc are the prominent hospitals in Hoshiarpur which are engaged in serving the populace of this town. These hospitals are equipped with renowned services along with 24 hours ambulance and emergency facilities to cater critical patients. Inhabitants of Hoshiarpur and adjoining areas approach here to avail best health care services.

Public Transportation in Hoshiarpur

Movement within the city is major issues of leading cities of India. Administration of city takes various initiations to make public transportation smooth and effortless for common man. In Hoshiarpur, there are many ways to move in the city. For very short distance people can choose cycle rickshaws, which are easily available in the city. To cover long distance within the city, person may select Government bus service or can have reserve auto rickshaw to give luxury of comfort. Private bus operators are also engaged in providing services to move within the city of Hoshiarpur.

Using public transport is the best way to travel in the city. These public transport facilities are well organized and provide access to every part of city. People who are on holiday trip can also hire cabs to travel in city. These transport facilities really add to the enhancement of tourism and attract many tourists.

Other Services in Hoshiarpur

Along from these essential services, Hoshiarpur city has developed as a city with immense possibilities which attract many people to reside here. For their convenience, Hoshiarpur has all the other services like laundry services, beauty parlours, caterers, banquet halls, gas agencies, travel agents, car rentals, etc. Leading private companies provide these services with their experience of the city and expertise in their respective domains.
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