Health in Hoshiarpur

For overall societal development, health care is a major determinant. It is a basic necessity that leads to improvement in productive activities within a society. With the rapid growth of country, almost every region of India has been provided ample health services at government level in the form of primary, secondary, as well as tertiary health care centers established at the district level in all states. In the past decades, all parameters of health in Punjab state have shown tremendous improvement with better life expectancy, low infant mortality rate, decrease in level of malnutrition, and eradication of complex diseases.

Health in Hoshiarpur
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Hoshiarpur is an emerging city of Punjab with increasing population and improving infrastructure. Health care sector has an important role to be played in its overall growth as an urban settlement. Various initiatives have been taken at state government level along with local administration to this effect. As a result, the city now boasts of several health centers in public domain along with increasing number of private medical institutions. People residing in the rural areas of district are also referred to the medical centers of Hoshiarpur for better treatments. The infrastructural facilities of Hoshiarpur make it the hub of health care in this region.

Hospitals in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur city is the district headquarters which serves the health care needs of entire district through its government and private hospitals. The city has many reputed hospitals that are well equipped with latest techniques and medical staff. There is a Civil Hospital located in the city which is also a referral medical center. Patients from nearby primary and secondary health centers are referred to this hospital for advanced treatment.

Hospitals in Hoshiarpur

This is a 200 bedded hospital that was established as early as 1850s. This oldest hospital of district had 45 beds initially. It has huge working force working under the Senior Medical Officer along with medical officers, surgeons, nurses, and class IV staff. This hospital also has a blood bank and all other pathological facilities required to treat the patients. Apart from this Civil Hospital, there are 6 other hospitals, 9 Community Health Centers, 30 Public Health Centers, 244 SCs, 9 civil dispensaries, and 85 Subsidiary Health Centers spanned across the district. There is also one urban family welfare center, 1 MCH center, and 10 TB centers in Hoshiarpur district.

Hoshiarpur also has many leading private hospitals. The entire district has 225 registered medical practitioners working for the better treatment of patients through these hospitals and other medical centers. Shiv Hospital, Narad Hospital, Saini Hospital, and Bharaj Lifecare Hospital and Trauma Center are some of the famous hospitals present in Hoshiarpur. These hospitals have multispecialty facilities with trauma centers to attend any medical emergency as well.

Nursing Homes in Hoshiarpur

For the residents of Hoshiarpur, there are many efficient nursing homes also existing within the city. These nursing homes are especially beneficial for the patients residing in their nearby areas and having no access to a huge hospital. Location wise, nursing homes are present in all key locations of Hoshiarpur to cater the medical needs and emergencies.

Nursing homes in Hoshiarpur

They have advanced equipments and all facilities for providing better treatment to the patients. There are doctors on call in these nursing homes to provide prompt relief to severely suffering people as well. General physicians, gynecologists, pediatricians, and cardiologists, almost all type of medical practitioners are present in them. For the routine health checkups and normal diseases, they offer excellent services along with proper care offered at maternity centers of Hoshiarpur.

Dhami nursing home, Hoshiarpur nursing home, Ravindra nursing home, Kalia nursing home, etc. are the leading nursing homes operating in Hoshiarpur.

Yoga Classes in Hoshiarpur

Yoga is an art that teaches the right way to stay healthy along with providing remedies to the diseases. In the developing cities, life becomes all the more hectic and stressful. For the people stressed out in their daily life, yoga offers the rejuvenation along with remedies for body and mind.

Yoga in Hoshiarpur

In Hoshiarpur also, there are some yoga classes to teach the right asanas to the people so that they can de stress themselves perfectly. The main yoga classes of Hoshiarpur are Art of Living Center and Yog Sadhan Ashram. They are located in its prominent locations that are easily accessible from all parts of the city.

Occupational Therapies in Hoshiarpur

For the treatment of chronic ailments and accidentally caused health impediments, occupational therapies have proved to a medical bliss. The therapies like acupuncture, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and acupressure largely help to treat such diseases. They enhance the physical soundness and rehabilitate the deformities caused due to any reason.

Occupational Therapies in Hoshiarpur

For effective treatments, patients can seek specialized services of occupational therapists of Hoshiarpur to suggest better remedies for them. Acupressure Magnetic and Reiki Training Treatment Center, Harpal Acupressure Center, Sood Clinic, Baba Ramdev Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Dr. Sunil Taneja, etc. are the leading occupational therapy clinics and practitioners in Hoshiarpur.

Medical Tourism in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is a tourist destination dotted with numerous attractions. It also has many reputed medical centers for better treatments across the region. Its topography and landscape facilitate its tourism industry. As such, for many medical tourists, the city has emerged out as a preferred destination of medical tourism. Its hospitals and trauma centers offer specialized services to the patients along with advanced techniques.

Medical Tourism in Hoshiarpur

For timely recuperation, it offers excellent accommodations in the form of farm stays, resorts, and luxury hotels. Affordability is also an additional factor helping to improve the scope of medical tourism in Hoshiarpur. Top hospitals like Bharaj Lifecare Hospital and Trauma Centre are working in the direction of promoting medical tourism in city with their advanced procedures offered at affordable costs.

Rural Health Care in Hoshiarpur

Rural health is a major issue in any district. Hoshiarpur district has shown good progress in this regard by following the rules and regulations of central and state government of Punjab. For rural health care, the district is divided into 9 health blocks. All these health blocks are provided with rural health centers starting from grass root levels.

Rural Health in Hoshiarpur

The district has more than 390 health institutions including hospitals, community health centers, primary health centers, sub centers, subsidiary health centers, civil dispensaries, AYUSH dispensaries, and Tuberculosis centers. Health facilities are made accessible for the people living in rural pockets though the district has somewhat lesser number of specialists. There are also homeopathic dispensaries, Ayurvedic centers, and Unani medical centers in district for providing treatment through these alternate therapies.

The prestigious health initiative called NRHM or National Rural Health Mission was also launched in this district. All the components of NRHM are provided in Hoshiarpur. These include JananiRural health Programmes in Hoshiarpur Suraksha Yojana for lowering infant and maternal mortality rate and appointment of ASHA community health workers in every village having population above 1000.

With combined efforts of local administration and ASHA workers, health awareness has been created in the district at ground level. With regular checkups, immunization, and nutritional supply to pregnant women in these areas, the overall health statistics have improved in Hoshiarpur over the past few years.
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