Food in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur, the mango city, is one of the popular cities for foodies. Also called as city of saints, it has the large array of citrus fruit variety which is a distinctive feature of Hoshiarpur. Food has been the most alluring feature of Punjab and people around there have great taste preferences. The variety of sweet and deserts available in the city displays the Hoshiarpur’s love for food. There are many renowned places of food established in the arena of Hoshiarpur serving the best deserts of the city.

Food in Hoshiarpur

Spicy tadka food along with tandoori cuisines is the most favorite intake of people in Hoshiarpur. The eating habits and taste of Punjabi foods reflect through the variety of cuisines offered in food marts of city. In most of the part, people are attached to their traditional food and they prefer lavish meals for daily course of time. Veg and non veg, both categories of food are popular in the region of Hoshiarpur.

Since morning it is time to taste different variety of food in Hoshiarpur. Chole puri, jalebi, samosa, kachodi, chole bhature and fresh breads are some of the prominent breakfast of people in Hoshiarpur. This food is easily available in the local markets and people serving this delicious food are engaged in such preparations from generations. Local chats are also well known across state and people like to take taste of Golgappas, dahi bhalle, Alloo chap, pakodas, and other such mouthwatering savories.

Dhabas in Hoshiarpur

Punjabi hospitality is well known in India and Hoshiarpur being the integral part of it, showcases the magnificent warmth and generosity for the visitors. Dhaba culture is renowned in Hoshiarpur. Being an ethnic city, it presents large assortment of these dhabas. Dhabas in Hoshiarpur could be found on highways and within the city. These dhabas serve the cultural food to their guests in the traditional way of Punjabis. Dhabas established in Hoshiarpur are decked with decorative infrastructure which mesmerizes the visitors. Dhaba express and Bhaian da Dhaba is some of the famous places of dining in Hoshiarpur.

Food in Dhabas of Hoshiarpur

Mouthwatering tandoori dishes are the most attractive feature of road side dhabas. Being holy city major numbers of dhabas are serving vegan food. Shahi Paneer, Dal Makni, Tandoori Roti, Sarso da Saag, Bajre ki Roti, etc. are some of the delicious cuisines of dhabas. Due to demand, many Punjabi dhabas are also serving non vegetarian cuisines such as mutton curry, chicken tikka, mutton handi, etc. These establishments are incepted in the natural site to give complete exposure to pleasant atmosphere. Dining under the sky on the baan cot of these dhabas is one of the most unforgettable moments for visitors.

Though these places are found on the road side, still its preparations are in most hygienic way and most of them are renowned Vaishnav style. They are also highly reasonable as a group of four can easily dine within Rs 500/-. That makes them most convenient options of having food. They also offer thali system for people who prefer budget in food. One must not forget to take flavoured Lassi or Chhach, which are the specialty of these road side dhabas.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurants in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is well known place for multi-cuisine restaurants as well. Travelers coming to Hoshiarpur could not resist themselves to dine at well established multi cuisine restaurants. People preferring dining at elegant place in the city cannot find better place than these multi-cuisine restaurants. The classy Hotel presidency, Maharaja Palace, and other such hoteliers have established multi-cuisine restaurants in the arena of city to serve world class food to elite and sophisticated people. They serve Indian as well international foods which are at par the standards prevalent worldwide.

Fast Food in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is good blend of contemporary and conventional food items, where people are emotionally attached to their traditional fast food but also like to try modern quickies like pizzas and burgers. There are two life styles co-existing in the city of Hoshiarpur. On one hand, people like to visit local markets and on other some of them prefer to go at shopping malls. Mostly people visiting Hoshiarpur take tour of local markets and wish to taste local fast food which is called as chat in India. While new and young generations prefer to go at malls and shopping complexes to enjoy their outings.

Jalebi in Hoshiarpur

Ambala Chat House, Kotu Fast Food, Mashoor Jalebi wale are some of the conventional fast food establishments while Yummy Bite, Nest Snacks, and Raj Fast Food are the contemporary ones. Alongside, many international fast food chain restaurants are established in the city. These restaurants provide home delivery of delicious food items like pizza, pasta, burgers, and other such which having added another class to the fast food restaurants in Hoshiarpur.

Beverages of Hoshiarpur

Being traditional city, Hoshiarpur is well known for cultural drinks and beverages. Lassi, Chhach, Mattha, Thandai, falooda, masala chai, etc are some of the famous beverages of Hoshiarpur. As said, Hoshiarpur is also well known as Mango city due to numbers of variety of this fruit available. Here travelers could taste different types of mango shakes along with mixture drinks such as mango lassi, milk soda, and etc. Water melon shake, nimbu pani, imli ka pani, fruit juices, and milk shakes are the beloved beverages of Hoshiarpur.

Local Food Options in Hoshiarpur

Whole wheat is the main content of daily diet in Hoshiarpur. People usually take breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner on usual day. Tandoori roti, rumali roti, Nan and tawa roti are the favorite breads included in the supper. Makke ki roti along with sarso ka saag is also renowned in the region of Hoshiarpur. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is loved by the people of this city.

People preferring vegan food usually maintain good amount of pulses, beans, and green vegetables in their diet. Paneer is also one of the major components of common food here. Shahi Paneer, Paneer Kofta, Choley, rongi, Kadhi, and sarson do saag are frequent food of Hoshiarpur.  Malpua, Jalebi, Phirni, etc. are the delicious desserts of Hoshiarpur city.
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